Don’t Follow Your Dreams. Chase Them.

Taupo sunsetMy last post was on skiing untouched snow in the backcountry of the Rocky Mountains – and now I’m writing from 80 degree sunshine in the southern hemisphere. It’s sort of mind-blowing that we live in a world where this can happen, isn’t it?

I’ve been here less than a week, and it feels like a month. I love when time moves that way.

I jumped in the ocean within a few hours of getting off the plane, grateful for the sun on my face on the saltwater on my body, white from the Montana winter. I saw the most beautiful sloop sailboat with red sails rounding a cove in the Bay of Islands regatta, bobbing up and down in a sea kayak. I paid $10 for a beer (that wasn’t even good, FYI). I climbed a mountain in the Bay of Plenty. I went for a long trail run next to the Waitoko river, that has the most insanely lovely water I’ve ever seen.

I saw a painted mural in Tauranga that said, “Don’t follow your dreams. Chase them.”

I’m keeping this brief so that I can keep soaking up that sun, and watch it set over Great Lake Taupo. I’ll be looking out over Tongariro, my next stop, where I’ll do the famous Tongariro Crossing (Mount Doom!). Here’s a taste:

Tongariro sunset

And a few from the Bay of Islands and Bay of Plenty:

Yacht sunset

Bay of Plenty

Bay of Islands



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