Signs You’re at a Montana Wedding

ToastFrom cowboy hats, jeans, and sandals, to whiskey and dance parties, Montana weddings are unique–and FUN. A very good friend of ours got married on Flathead Lake last weekend, and we took the chance to go all out to celebrate.

Here are the signs that you’ve found yourself at a Montana wedding:

  • Even though the wedding’s held at a beautiful lodge with lovely facilities, Montanans opt for the “rustic” cabins and the campsite down the path.
  • Montanans skip showering before the ceremony because we’re too busy inventing a new sport involving pontoon boats, stand-up paddleboards, and a throw-bag rope. But we jumped in the lake, so it looks like we showered.
  • Montanans clean up well (and quickly): You’d never know that our caravan of Suburus and Tacomas pulled up in the campsite literally 30 minutes before the wedding, spilling out dogs, empty beer cans, and slightly tipsy people still on a high from SUP pontooning.
  • Several people took the extra effort to wear their “dress” Chacos.
  • Patagonia and Prana dresses are serious wedding style.
  • The groom breaks out a costume box to spice up the funk party at the reception.
  • The party baby himself.

    The party baby himself.

    Someone’s baby was put to bed in the corner of the lodge. (Cough, On the Horizon Line.)

  • Montanans not only close down the reception, we hang out in the lodge for several hours playing guitar, singing enthusiastic off-key harmonies, and polishing off a bottle whiskey.
  • The baby (and his parents) is the last one out of the lodge at 2am.

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