I split my time between writing, moonlighting as a gypsy in foreign lands, and trying to save the world from toxic chemicals as marketing director for Made Safe, the first nontoxic certification in the country. I currently call Revelstoke, B.C. home, although I’ve left pieces of my heart in Wanaka, New Zealand and Missoula, Montana.

I love writing about beautiful places and what it takes to get to them, about badass women quietly and not so quietly taking over adventure sports, and about mission fail, mediocrity, and all the hard things social media tends to gloss over when it comes to outdoor adventures.

The Important Things

  • Up until November, I had a 100-pound canine soul mate/adventure buddy. I miss her every day.
  • My big sister is my other half. Check out her blog On the Horizon Line.
  • I’m an adventure lover and endorphin addict. I’m happiest when I’m exhausted at the end of the day.
  • I’m a women’s rights activist, runner, backcountry skier, passable boater and mountain biker, and wannabe yogi.
  • I’m an annoyingly consistent optimist.
  • I can’t live without mountains.

Some Current & Past Projects

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