One Year Later

NZAlmost exactly one year after I left New Zealand, I landed back in Wanaka. I went for a hike with a long lost friend, and as the sun set over those familiar mountains across the lake, it felt like coming home.

I braced for a repeat of tearing myself away from this place again in mid-September, caught in a surreal emotional loop. Continue reading


Why Ski Films Never Show Mission Fail

Skinning 3Because mission fail sucks. That’s why.

You know what I’m talking about: it’s the best powder day to date and you spend it digging your car out from the road you had no business driving up in the first place without chains or much clearance to speak of. It’s digging your sled out of a tree well—or crashing it somewhere more creative, requiring elaborate pulley systems and the rest of your daylight hours to rescue it.

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