Finding My Compass North

FullSizeRender (15)Many people told me that coming back to the place you left after a journey like mine would be hard. I didn’t really believe them—I love Montana, and my tribe there. But they were right. I left a life in New Zealand: friends of the soul kind, interesting work, endless adventures, mountains that imprinted their ridge lines on my heart. I grieved for leaving it, wondered how I could ever be as happy or fulfilled again.

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Single Cone: Why I’m Not a Mountaineer

Single ConeAbove us, Naomi slowly untangled her skis, poles, and limbs, and picked herself up from a snowy crash high on the east face of Single Cone. Below in the distance, the lifts had closed on the Remarkables ski field. The sun was setting, and the cold wind that had hounded us all day had begun howling again. She carefully skied down to us.

“I think I tore something in my knee,” she gasped out.

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